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The Tribe for Life Story

Tribe for Life has grown from a belief that our children deserve to grow up in a world that will be sustained through the ethical choices our generation has made. Our hope is that our boys will share our passion for living wholly and ethically and grow up informed enough to make their own choices about how they live and what they support.

As we have embarked on this journey we have had many comments like “we all used those types of products or ate that type of food and grew up just fine”. But what if we knew then what we know now – would we still make the same decisions? I can’t sit back knowing what I do about harsh chemicals, slave labour, sweat shops, fast fashion and other environmental factors and do nothing. I am making the choice to vote with my dollar when I purchase products, it is the biggest power that we have in the western world. Companies only survive when people give them money so let's support businesses that are doing the right thing by our environment and the human race.

We have brought together a variety of companies we feel are making ethical and sustainable choices. Whether that’s using organic products, locally made, small family businesses, giving back to communities or supporting world organisations. Please have a look at our collections and read about the companies when making your purchases.

What are you going to support with your dollar?