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Tribe of Life - A new adventure

Having children will make you question everything you think about the world you live. You are now responsible for the upbringing of a tiny human and your decisions in those early years can have major impacts on their lives.

When I had my first son I was like every other new mum – doing the best I could with the knowledge I had. At that time it was dressing him in whatever clothes had been purchased for him by me or gifts from the usual mainstream stores, breastfeeding as best I could, swaddling him when sleeping, placing him to sleep awake as to allow him to self-settle, giving him a dummy so he didn’t snack feed or get too attached and ensuring that I did everything I could to keep him warm and safe.

As the weeks went past I started to have trouble breastfeeding as he would scream, and I mean really scream, after every time he fed. I tried cutting out certain foods and dinks in my own diet and although occasionally I noticed small improvements I knew something still wasn’t right. It would take us hours to get him to sleep at night only to wake a few hours later with more screaming. It wasn’t until I was at a baby show and purchased him some beautiful bamboo sheets that all of a sudden he started sleeping through the night and every time I would wash them and put other sheets on he would wake again. Looking back I can understand why that was but at the time I just thought I had a baby with really expensive taste in bedding!

Not long after he started solids (5 months) he started to get ear infections which lead to 5 febrile convulsions and constant antibiotics for 18 months. I was taking with my mothers group about it and one of them suggested I take him to see their naturopath, I really had nothing to lose. So I made an appointment and my husband and I took him. I want to explain at this point we were struggling – I had what I understand now to be PND (which I will leave for another blog) and my husband was constantly worried about what was happening – neither of us were sleeping much. The naturopath was lovely and provided us with a list of foods she felt our son was intolerant to along with a raft of supplements he needed. We were both skeptical at first as I was always brought up to believe that everything in moderation was fine, but we actually had nowhere else to turn except grommets and something in my gut told me that it wasn’t going to help but rather be a band-aid for a larger issue.

3 days into the new diet and I had a different son – He came off antibiotics and has only needed them once or twice since (now 6) and never again did he have a febrile convulsion. His moods changed and he became a much calmer and well settled little boy. Everyone around him noticed the change and those that saw it first hand, especially my parents, had a massive shift in their beliefs around food and its impact on our health.

That was by no means the end of the journey for us. We since have had many ups and downs around health and food and we continue to learn and grow everyday. His issues started us on a crash course of what we are putting into and onto our bodies. I research something almost everyday and the more I learn the more committed I am to this journey.

This led us to this point here and the creation of Tribe for Life. I want to know that when I spend my money I am supporting an industry that is sustainable and good for my children’s health and wellbeing. I am trying to reduce the toxic load in my families life, whether that’s through the food they eat, the clothes they wear or the air they breath. I may not be able to control what they have access to outside my home but I can control what is inside. Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day and once upon a time I would have said that I don’t have time to worry about these things. Now however I would argue that we must make time and make it a priority for our children’s sake.

Until next time
Carolyn x

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